About Me

What can I say about me, well... I have studied art all through out my life from them first art days in primary school to my fine art degree, which I have completed in 2011.


I also have a number of hobbies, these include

playing football, going to the gym, anything a normal 24 year old would do, really just relaxing and taking time to create art work.


My Work

My work is Fine Art, I’m based just outside of London and I also use to have a studio space at University of Bedfordshire while I was a student doing my Fine Art degree, where I created most of my recent work.


I enjoy lots of different types of art, but mainly Abstract Art. This is why all my work is from an Abstraction point of view. I wouldn’t say I stick to one type of material when making my work. I like to use acrylics, oil pastels and recently I’ve been using emulsion paint and masking tape, I also love doing photography work.


My work at the moment is about Abstraction.


Oct 2008- July 2011,

Fine Art BA Hons, University Of Bedfordshire.


A-Level In Art and Design, Hertswood School.

Sept 2005 - June 2006

First Diploma Btec Art and Design, Hertswood School

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